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AERA-IEL Education Policy Forums

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) and IEL have been co-hosting education policy forums since 1983 as a vehicle to highlight research, policy, and practice in education. These monthly luncheons feature many of the best researchers, thinkers, and leaders in education.

Appalachian Higher Education Network 2017 Conference

Ensuring student success is a responsibility shared by four key stakeholder groups: family, institutions, communities, and students/self. As Dr. Aaron Thompson, Acting President, Kentucky State University, reminds us, “When all four are aligned in support of educational success, we see positive outcomes.” The AHE Network’s 4th Annual Conference will focus on why these stakeholder groups must collaborate, how to work in collaboration with other organizations and agencies (not just schools, colleges or universities), and what it takes (skills, knowledge, attributes) to work collaboratively. This event expands on the work of the Appalachian Higher Education Network which is working with schools, families, communities and diverse partners to increase postsecondary education attainment in Appalachia. 

2018 National Family & Community Engagement Conference

The 2018 conference supports all who strive for excellence in family-school-community partnerships. Participants will access 4 major plenaries presenting leadership persepectives from a multitude of backgrounds, including the high-impact work taking place in Cleveland. Over 75 workshops will share evidence-based program practice and inspire discussion about the most important themes across family and community engagement. Networking receptions create opportunities to build strong alliances do that we can organize to take on challenges collaboratively and realize mutual goals.

EPFP Washington Policy Seminar

The annual Washington Policy Seminar, a capstone event of IEL’s 54-year-old Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) focused this year on a timely theme: Navigating Education Policy Change. Nearly 300 EPFP Fellows from across the country are introduced to the federal policy, the federal-state interplay, and national trends dominating the present policy atmosphere. This diverse cohort of leaders for and in education spent four days learning together and sharing expertise. They emerged significantly more prepared to lead the charge within their own organizations and communities.

Civil Rights Bus Tour

The deep racial divides and tragedies facing communities across the country today echo the struggles for equity and social justice of the Civil Rights era. We invite you to join IEL, in partnership with The Freedom '64 Project, on the Civil Rights Bus Tour and take a journey through history, to both reflect and engage in a meaningful dialogue about how to make a positive social change in our communities and organizations.