Effective schools imbue adult professional learning with strategies that mirror and direct engaged classroom pedagogy.  Learning Exchange protocols help to create the necessary conditions that foster deep and durable change.  The protocols have different uses and iterations and we invite you to use and revise.

Reframing Community Partnerships in Education


o   Opening and Closing Circles

o   Inner Circle/Outer Circle (ICOC)

o   Double Circle 1

o   Double Circle 2

Gracious Space

o   Gracious Space Overview

o   Gracious Space Introduction 1

o   Gracious Space Introduction 2

Personal Narratives

o   Endowed Objects

o   Father and Mother Stories

o   I Am From Emulation Poem

o   Journey Lines

o   Power of Nommo

o   Somebody has Prayed Me Over

Collaborative Learning

o   Appreciative Listening

o   Dialogue Duets

o   Heads Up Heads Down

o   Learning Walk and Talk

o   World Café


Community Site Visits

Dialogue through Art

o   Artistic Representations

o   Duet Poem Example

o   Duet Poem

o   Group Sculpture

o   Mirroring and Colombian Hypnosis

o   Pillar Protocol

o   Respiration

o   Team Performance

Action Planning

o   Commitments and Action Planning

o   Equity-Centered Tuning

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