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About IEL

Who We Are

At the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL), we change systems through people. Everything we do is aimed at lifting up underserved leaders and equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to transform their communities through education, with equity-driven solutions. By cultivating strong local leadership capacity across all levels, we can drive meaningful change for communities, families, and children.

We approach the communities we work alongside with “love in action.” That means listening to our partners and colleagues and adapting our practices based on what we learn together, and what works best.


An equitable society in which shared leadership effectively uses all available resources for the betterment of their communities


To develop and connect adults and youth leaders who strengthen communities and education systems in pursuit of equity

Our big idea

When systems are stronger and leadership is shared, community members are able to advocate for their aspirations and young people thrive. 

IEL's Policy By the People Vision

IEL's Policy By The People Vision

Meet our team

IEL’s staff are skilled doers who believe in the power of leadership to transform systems.

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Our values


We support community and institutional leaders as they build systems around racial justice, disability inclusion, and economic equity.


We prioritize inclusive decision-making along with systems and practices that ensure that all voices, particularly those of marginalized groups, are elevated.

Cross-Sector Collaboration

We foster partnerships and coordination wherever people learn, work, and advocate.

Community-driven solutions

We leverage community knowledge and resources for positive change.