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Everyone: An Advocate

IEL changes systems through people. We believe that strong local leadership is the key driver of educational change. For over 60 years, IEL has prepared, supported, and activated leaders for positive systems change, and remains a premier national non-profit for building leadership capacity at all levels. Everyone: An Advocate is a policy leadership development suite of services designed to build capacity of positional and non-positional leaders to create and implement policy changes that lead to equity and inclusion. Using this framework, we help build key knowledge, skills, abilities, and mindsets for everyone to become effective advocates. 

What is the impact of Everyone: An Advocate ? 

  • Increased number of community leaders who can lead, create, and support policies and practices that lead to more equitable opportunities and access and, in turn, mobilize their communities to advocate for change. 
  • Support for leaders through regional and national networks to continue to grow their knowledge, skills, and relationships. 
  • Facilitation of power shifts that result in increased investment in, and quality integration of, equity-centered policies and practices where everyone thrives. 

FedEd E-Blasts & Quarterly Webinars (FREE) 

  • FedEd E-Blast – Sign up and stay in-the-know on critical federal and national policy trends shaping education. E-blasts are released the first full week of the month from September through June.  
  • FedEd Webinars – Join us for our quarterly webinars focused on key education policy issues. Save the following dates for the 2024-25 series (2-3pm ET):  
    • October 9, 2024 
    • December 11, 2024 
    • February 12, 2025 
    • May 14, 2025


Policy by the People Modules 

Policy by the People is an approach and process of policymaking whereby everyone has equal opportunity, access, and agency to shape and contribute to policies that impact their lives.  

  • Policy by the People Micro-Badge (asynchronous) – Learn the general concepts and underlying policy theories that build individual’s capacity to advocate for policy change in their own context. Earn a micro-badge in this self-paced module and associated assessment.  
  • Policy by the People Badge (synchronous) Through a three-part interactive modules, learn about an open, inclusive, democratic approach to advocacy, coalition building, and apply your knowledge through a policy project. Earn a badge upon completion of a three-part series and a policy project.


Washington Policy Seminar  

Washington Policy Seminar

Entering its 61st year, the Washington Policy Seminar conference (WPS; in-person) is education leaders’ front row seat to inside the beltway look at federal education policy and national landscape. Over the course of three days, learn about federal policy across three branches of government, connect with leading education influencers, attend skill-building workshops, and visit the Capitol Hill. WPS takes place each spring. Stay tuned for more information! 


Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) 

Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) (hybrid) – is the founding program of the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) and has for 60 years developed a diverse and collaborative community of over 12,000 strategic leaders to promote equitable education policy. EPFPTM is a national cohort-based certificate program focused on building policy, leadership, and networking capacities. Through EPFPTM Fellows have access to the entire Everyone an Advocate suite, including the Policy by the People synchronous modules, the Washington Policy Seminar, and our FedEd blasts and webinars. Fellows will also have the opportunity to network with policy leaders, thinkers, and makers from across the country through this unique education policy Fellowship. 


Learn more:

EPFP History: Almost 60 Years of Developing the Leaders for Education We Need

The Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) has evolved over time since its creation in 1964 with funding from the Ford Foundation. The program began as a response to the explosive growth of the federal government’s role in education as a result of the enactment of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and related legislation. The transformed role of the federal government generated a need for education professionals in the states who understood the content of legislation, the policy process, and the complex changes that state systems were undergoing as a result.

EPFP alumni

There are over 10,000 alumni across 50 states! The Education Policy Fellowship Program is pleased to offer continuous learning and professional development opportunities to alumni and partners. 

EPFP Impact

Evidence from national assessments confirms that EPFP Fellows become informed and skilled leaders and a part of a network that provides long-term benefits to their careers.

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