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Ricky – A Future Businessman in Reno

Ricky – A Future Businessman in Reno

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Ricky was referred by his probation officer to the Right Turn Career-Focused Transition Program at Children’s Cabinet in Reno NV. At 17 years old, he was enrolled in a College Prep High School with a poor attendance record and no work or volunteer experience. Ricky and his Right Turn Case Manager began working on an Individualized Career Development Plan and identifying some long and short term goal. Ricky told his Case Manager he needed a job and wanted assistance with finding a nonprofit where he could complete community service hours for school credit.

As Ricky had never had a job, he participated in Children’s Cabinet’s series of Right Turn Work Readiness Workshops. This helped him find and secure a part time job as a cashier for Fuddruckers, near his school. Over time, Ricky became very engaged in the program. He consistently participated, attended all scheduled meetings, and enthusiastically took part in Restorative Justice Community Service projects. As part of the Restorative Justice process, Ricky consistently completed service learning reflections in his journal. In these reflections, youth write about the service they just completed and what it meant to them and their community. For example, Ricky signed up to volunteer with a local church, which helped him to complete community service hours while providing services for neighbors in need.

Ricky has identified through the ICDP self-assessment phase that he would like to pursue a career in Business. During the career exploration phase, he extensively researched possible pathways, particularly Financial Analyst positions, with the help of his case manager. Ricky toured Milan Institute’s Financial Course, as well as local community colleges. In early 2017, Ricky successfully completed his court ordered probationary terms and, in June 2017, Ricky graduated high school. As a result of Right Turn’s positive motivation and support, Ricky got a job, completed probation, got a high school diploma, chose a career path and… is enrolled in college for Fall of 2017. His family has expressed their appreciation for all the support Right Turn and the Children’s Cabinet have given to them and their son. As Ricky’s mother said “Just for you to be there, matters”.

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