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Ben is a participant in the Youth Action Council on Transition (YouthACT), coordinated by the IEL-led National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth.

As a youth with a disability growing up with the ADA, I believe I would not be where I am without it. The ADA gave me access not only in the community, but at my high school as well. At my high school they had to put in ramps because it was built way before the ADA was passed. Also, I believe I would not have an accessible car if I grew up prior to the ADA. When I entered college I became a member of the disability service, which helped me get accommodations in the classroom.

Primarily, the ADA gave me opportunities to live by myself and advocate for myself. The ADA allowed disability organizations, such as YO! Disabled and Proud and California Foundations for Independent Living, to open up. In my eyes, organizations like these are a great benefit because they give disabled youth opportunities to speak up for themselves, and be involved in the community. In return, this will give disabled youth confidence to apply for jobs. All in all, the ADA impacted my life greatly.

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