RAMP Success Story: Alyric King

At an early age, Alyric King’s mother lost her courageous battle with cancer. After her mother passed, Alyric and her sister went to live with their aging grandparents in Portal, GA. While this was not the life she had dreamed of, she was grateful for the love and stability surrounding her. Grandfather, a disabled veteran, and grandmother, a far from simple homemaker, did their best to raise their granddaughters.  They never missed the opportunity to support Alyric at her many sporting activities and academic functions. Alyric often suffered in silence, dealing with the mental and emotional anguish of thoughts of losing one or both of her aging grandparents. The nightmare came true, and her grandfather passed away during the middle of her senior year from medical complications related to military service and failing health. She joined RAMP during this difficult time. Alyric said to her mentor and RAMP coordinator, “at this moment, I knew the only future for me was one in the healthcare field. I long to help people live a vibrant, full, and healthy life. I long to work alongside the best medical professionals to find cures for diagnoses that continue to claim the lives of our loved ones. I yearn to provide patience and professionalism to those who do not have family members to visit as they hope for healing. I know what it feels like.” 

While participating in RAMP, Alyric visited a few colleges and toured their healthcare programs.  She also participated in virtual job shadowing because COVID did not allow them to tour medical facilities. Alyric mentioned that RAMP helped to keep her mentally stable and on track with her schoolwork. Her support from her peers, teachers, and RAMP coordinator greatly influenced her acceptance to Kennesaw State University. Alyric said, “I am grateful, I am thankful, for such a great program. As I begin my new chapter at KSU, I will remain in touch with everyone who helped me get to this point. Dorm life is far from home life, but I’m happy.”  

Quotes from other mentees or teachers:  

“RAMP is making a great leader out of me!” 

—–James Saunders, Senior at Portal High School 

“We are so blessed to have you working with our students at PMHS! Thank you for all that you do!” 

—- Dr. Julie Blackmar, Principal Portal Middle-High School 

“I have never had anyone to help me like I get help from RAMP. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference.” 

—- Sicily Hagins, Freshman at Portal High School 

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