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Peckham, Inc. is a community vocational rehabilitation organization based in Lansing, MI. It is a unique business and human services agency that provides a wide range of opportunities to maximize potential for persons striving for greater independence and self-sufficiency. Peckham offers more than 30 different rehabilitation and human services programs in partnership with their five social enterprises (Supply Chain Solutions, Business Services, Environmental Services, Manufacturing, and Peckham Farms) which provide paid job training opportunities and employment to people with disabilities. These opportunities allow people with physical, cognitive, behavioral and socio-economic challenges a platform to demonstrate their ability, learn new skills, participate in work and enjoy the rewards of their success.

Peckham is proud to participate in AbilityOne programs. AbilityOne is the largest source of jobs for people who are blind or have other severe disabilities in the United States. AbilityOne delivers fair market-priced products and services to the government through contracts with nonprofit agencies dedicated to training and employing individuals with disabilities.

As part of its mission, Peckham has been providing meaningful services to youth offenders since 1987. Their Crossroads program is a community-based, comprehensive, intensive vocational training program for juvenile offenders ages 14-17. Crossroads’ goals are to reduce recidivism, improve social functioning, increase vocational performance and provide job skills training for youth that have been unsuccessful in traditional settings. The program provides vocational evaluation, exploration and skills training; individual treatment and goal counseling; academic enhancement; work-related job shadows; exposure to colleges and universities; individualized transition planning; and personal and social skills development.

The Footprints Residential Treatment Facility is Peckham’s community-based, short-term residential program that works with female adolescent offenders. The program helps participants learn pro-social behaviors, develop new ways of coping with stress and anger, and develop positive relationships with role models and community resources in order to refrain from future court involvement. Footprints provides evidence-based programming to youth in the following areas: trauma counseling, CAFAS assessments, tutoring, substance abuse education, community service projects, cooking classes, and mentoring.
Peckham has partnered with IEL for a number of years as a site for the Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program and the first phase of Right Turn. Peckham’s Right Turn program staff is intricately connected to a number of organizations, businesses, and agencies in the greater Lansing region including Lansing Community College, which works with Right Turn to secure college student mentors (for course credit) and provide academic resources such as tutors, as well as Child and Family Services Capital Area, which provides one-on-one substance abuse counseling for youth in need of the service.

Peckham also partners with Michigan State University’s (MSU) Chance at Childhood Clinic, a non-profit legal services provider supported by MSU’s College of Law and School of Social Work. Chance at Childhood provides legal services to youth who qualify for expungement services and/or who need legal assistance in obtaining diversion services through the Court.

For more information on Peckham’s programs please contact Sarah Britton, Associate Director of Youth Services at 517.316.4428 or




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