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Bailey- Overcoming Community Violence in Reno

Bailey- Overcoming Community Violence in Reno

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Bailey came into the Right Turn Program at Children’s Cabinet in Reno, Nevada from her involvement with the Juvenile Court System. She dropped out of Fowler High School, was heavily gang involved, and was even shot at the age of 14. She lives with the memories of this event daily with the bullet still lodged in place. Bailey came to the program hoping to obtain her GED, work toward steady employment and participate in community oriented programs Right Turn had to offer her.

With the help of her Right Turn Case Manager, Bailey enrolled in the Secondary Completion Program at the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) and graduated with her diploma in June 2017.Her Case Manager set up the appointment for Bailey to enroll at EOC; she assisted her with obtaining her ID and birth certificate as well as tax information by taking her to vital records and IRS. Bailey participated in numerous mentoring events while in the program, even helping lead a mentorship group on gun violence were she was able to share her story and how being a victim of gun violence has shaped her. Bailey attended Right Turn Resume and Interview Workshops where she got valuable practice answering interview questions and constructive criticism to prepare her for the real deal.
Right Turn also connected Bailey to community outreach worker, Lepha Jones, with the “Mothers Against Violence” movement that she started. Bailey assisted with outreach to bring more participants into the movement. Here Bailey learned a lot about loss, and how it can affect families and communities, as well as how organizations to work to stop violence in their communities. Meanwhile, Bailey has also been able to focus on finding employment and obtaining her own apartment. Bailey has discovered an interest in both cosmetology and nursing. These careers touch on two things she loves to do most: do hair and help others. During her course in the program she was able to meet a nurse and stylist and ask them questions about their careers and how she could get on the path towards her own career. Bailey has plans to continue pursuing her education by attending college. She enjoyed her Right Turn sponsored visit to Reno Institute of Technology (RIT) and can see herself as a student there. Bailey has not been involved with the juvenile justice system since joining the program and has stopped participating in gang activity: “All the gang life gets you is shot, stabbed, locked up or dead and I ain’t about that life, nobody has time for that.”
Though she has completed the program, Bailey continues to engage with her Case Manager. She still calls to share both her frustrations and accomplishments. She has even referred five other youth for enrollment into the Right Turn program:  “If Right Turn can help me then I’m pretty sure they can help anybody.”

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