Family Engagement with a Game Night! – DAWN Center for Independent Living

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The goal of this activity is to create a fun, casual opportunity for the parents/family members to get to know the Mentor who is working with their child. “Family Game Night” takes place at the DAWN office closest to the school site. Pizza and snacks are provided, and the evening gets kicked off with some ice breakers to allow everyone in the group to meet. Then, team-based games such as Pictionary or Family Feud are facilitated by staff, and various prizes will are awarded not just for winning or high scores but also fior creative topics such as silliest answer, best Pictionary artist, most sportsmanlike conduct, etc. At the conclusion of the event, the group can brainstorm a list of skills that they utilized during the course of the evening, i.e. listening, communication, problem solving, creative thinking, leadership, delegation, etc. At a subsequent weekly session, RAMP participants can reflect back on the list of skills they used during Family Game Night and further explore how these skills will benefit them in the workplace or in their search for employment, higher education, vocational training, etc.

As an added bonus, a team-building activity like this one will allow the student to see his or her entire RAMP “support team” working together as a unit, communicating, having fun and spending time together outside of the classroom or work setting. It is a chance to get out into the community, unwind, unplug, and create memories. The RAMP Program Coordinator may also want to put together a helpful packet of quick, simple, family-oriented activities that they can utilize at home in an effort to further strengthen communication and teamwork.

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