Located across multiple states, the the Leaders of Tomorrow program seeks to provide immigrant youth with community leadership and advocacy training. Students are high-school-aged and meet regularly to collaborate and grow, though due to COVID restrictions, they currently meet via Zoom. The current class of 2021 sees 26 out of 30 students graduating, signifying the willingness of the youth involved and the dedication of IEL to their stated mission. The curriculum is intense and requires commitment from interested youth, and is broken up into four units.

Click on the images below to hear directly from the students about their LOT experiences. (To view the short videos directly on youtube and to access captions, select a video and then click the youtube icon on the lower right-hand corner. Make sure you have subtitles turned on by selecting the gear symbol, and then selecting your preferred option from the subtitles menu.)



To learn more about each students progress through the program, click here.


You can also access our Leaders of Tomorrow Guidebook here.
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