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The Martin Pollak Project, Inc.

The Martin Pollak Project, Inc.

Martin Pollak Project
3701 Eastern Ave, Baltimore Md. 21224

Primary Contact: Taavon James
Phone: 443-801-6459

Data Contact: Candice Jackson
Phone: 443-825-2186

Alternate Contact: Bernard Haynes
Phone: 443-414-4725

Financial Contact: Janet Olajide
Phone: 410-625-3685/443-520-3003

Site Description:

The Martin Pollak Project, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Elizabeth Pollak in honor of her late husband, Martin, with the belief that every child has a right to a caring family. The project provides community-based and family-oriented substitute care for children and young people, ages birth to 21.

In the more than twenty-five years since its beginnings in Annapolis, the Martin Pollak Project, Inc. has evolved into a foster care program that meets the needs of the individual, honors the integrity of the family, and focuses on the strengths and abilities of children and families. We provide treatment and community foster care and independent living services coordinated through our offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC