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DAWN Center for Independent Living

DAWN Center for Independent Living

DAWN Center for Independent Living
Denville, New Jersey
66 Ford Road, Suite 121, Denville NJ 07834


DAWN Center for Independent Living is a grassroots, consumer-driven, and consumer-controlled
nonprofit organization promoting self-direction in order to create, expand, and implement equal
access opportunities by and for people with disabilities. DAWN serves people with disabilities in the
New Jersey counties of Morris, Sussex, and Warren, empowering them to define their needs and
goals while providing the necessary support and guidance to realize them. All of DAWN’s programs
and services embody the principles of the Independent Living Philosophy.

The Independent Living Philosophy states that people with disabilities should have the same civil
rights, choices, and control as do people without disabilities. The principles of independent living are
in direct contrast to the dependence created by institutionalization, which segregates people with
disabilities. The Independent Living movement seeks to change community attitudes and beliefs,
which perpetuate dependence.

DAWN offers a wide range of services that support individuals with disabilities and their families
across the lifespan. These include: information and referral, advocacy, life skills training, case
management, peer support groups, Early Intervention services for children under the age of 3,
transition services for youth, employment readiness skills, career exploration, benefits counseling,
nursing home transition and diversion, community-based recreation activities and special events.

Primary Contact: Carmela Slivinski
Phone: 973-625-1940 x216

Data Contact: Andrew Cullen
Phone: 973-625-1940 x217

Alternate Contact: Dawn Duffy
Phone: 973-625-1940 x222

Financial Contact: Tiffany Majewski
Phone: 973-625-1940 x224