Building engagement practice that is sustainable requires a systemic approach.

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Join us for Building Systemic Engagement, a five-session virtual series designed specifically for district level engagement leaders. 

The Institute for Educational Leadership has designed detailed modules for an interactive learning experience for DLN teams utilizing the publication Taking it to the Next Level: Strengthening and Sustaining Family Engagement through Integrated Systemic Practice.

The series will focus on strengthening your team’s capacity to establish and maintain the systems and structures that ensure sustainability.  Participating district teams will:

  • Utilize tools to assess current engagement practices and determine areas for growth.
  • Unpack and apply the key elements of systemic engagement to increase capacity for effective sustainable practice at the district level.
  • Receive individualized team coaching to provide technical assistance and support for growth as a team and for implementing effective practice.

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Learning Objectives – By the end of the series, participants will be able to:
• Demonstrate a deeper understanding of systemic engagement as a foundation for sustainable practice
• Develop the structures and systems at the district level to support implementation and integration of effective engagement practices at the school-level
• Build/Maintain collaborative structures that acknowledge and address the interconnectedness of family engagement, school improvement and student success
• Develop a process for continuous improvement with clearly defined measures and outcomes as well as a system of data collection

Commitment Details and Pricing:

Session Prework: Team will take the Systemic Engagement Self-Assessment (see section below) and review the suggestions for growth.

  • District Team of 3-5 (must include district lead or designee)
  • Completion of Systemic Engagement Self-assessment Tool
  • Attendance – 5 two-hour virtual sessions (team presence at each session) and optional weekly team coaching sessions (45min per team)
  • Development and implementation of an engagement plan based on identified areas for growth
  • Cost per team: $4,500

Space is Limited to 5 Teams

1. Assessing District Practice

Our Systemic Engagement Self-Assessment Toolkit is designed to provide District staff with a resource for gauging how their district’s engagement efforts are aligned and supported to produce long term sustainability and impact.

This toolkit was developed as a companion to the IEL publication “Taking it to the Next Level: Strengthening and Sustaining Family Engagement through Integrated, Systemic Practice.” This publication defines systemic engagement as the establishment of systems and structures that promote and embed engagement principles into a district’s core priorities, policies, and practices.

2. Analyzing District Engagement

The Systemic Engagement Self-Assessment is designed to give your district a high-level view of its engagement practice.  Follow the directions in the Systemic Engagement Self-Assessment Toolkit above to convene your team of stakeholders.  When your team reaches a consensus, enter your rankings and list the concrete evidence in the  tool linked below (password required). After you respond to all the self-assessment questions, you will be provided with recommendations for growth. You will also receive an email with all your responses and recommendations as an email attachment. 

*a password is required to access the assessment tool – it will be emailed to you after registering

Access the TooL

Please provide your information below and enter the password given to you to access the guide.

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