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Vaccine Challenge: Frequently Asked Questions


Community school partner from outside the footprint of Kaiser Permanente regional offices but I’m connected to at least one public school within the required regional areas, am I still eligible to participate in the Challenge?
Yes. As long as the students they’re serving are within the footprint of Kaiser Permanente regional offices.
How many winners will be determined weekly?
It will depend on the number of entries, scores, and if there are ties but there will always be at least 5 winners.
Why are we required to have a connection to a school?
We want to create community-wide systems that support healthy schools, healthy communities.


What is the deadline to submit a Challenge report form?
You can submit your Challenge Report Form any day of the week but IEL will review reports to determine winners on every Monday for 12-weeks.
Will you send a new report every week?
We recommend saving the form as a ‘favorite’ on your webpage. If not, we will send out a weekly email announcement with the Challenge report form and it will posted in the Participate platform.
When will you announce winners?
Winners will be announced every Tuesday for 12-weeks.
When are the webinars?
Bi-weekly on a Tuesday at 4pm ET.
When are you posting new discussion topics on Participate platform?
IEL will be posting new discussion topics on Participate every Monday and Thursday. We’ll also announce the weekly winners on the Tuesdays following the data collection periods.
When will I receive my award?
IEL distributes payments bi-weekly; every 2nd and 4th week of the month. ACH requests will distribute prize money between 24-48 hours. And check request could take up to 30 days or less.
When does registration open and close?
We are accepting open enrollment! Registration launches on Tuesday, March 8th at 5pm ET


Is proof of data required to enter the challenge?
No, simply fill out the report form with your one-week outcomes to enter the Challenge.
Can we use existing data that existed prior to the launch of this challenge?
We require data outcomes to be reported on the form reflecting one-week. Data outcomes will reflect Sunday to Saturday as one-week. Sunday data will be your baseline.
If we participate in every weekly challenge, are we allowed to use the same data every week?
Please submit new data outcomes from the past week reflecting Sunday to Saturday.
If we have connections to multiple schools, are we allowed to report collective outcomes?
Complete one registration form, and a separate form that allows you to input one or more school information which will determine eligibility for the Challenge.
If we registered as a community school partner, do we report outcomes based on the school vaccination data?
The registration form ask you to share school/s information because we want to know about your school relationships/Community school partner can report outcomes for both their own population served and/or school data but you cannot report duplicate outcomes.
Can you share examples of activities that will count as boosting vaccine confidence.
Pre and/or post survey asking parents or caregivers about their thoughts on vaccines;
Can you share examples of how I can retrieve this data?
We encourage collaboration with partnering schools to figure out how to collect the information for the enrollment and weekly report.

What we ask from you?

Is it required to participate in the bi-weekly calls or learning community platform?
Not mandatory to participate in other activities but highly encouraged.
What is the Participate Platform? Is it the same thing as the Learning Community?
The Participate Platform is a social learning platform offering an opportunity for people to cross-learn, communicate, and engage within the platform. The Learning Community is an interactive group on the Participate Platform.
How I can I engage in the Learning Community?
Once you complete the challenge registration, within one business day you will receive an email notification which will include the Participate Platform. Follow the link to join the Learning Community.

Payment System

Is there a requirement on how we are supposed to utilize the $2,000 reward?
No requirements nor obligations on how to utilize award.
Is there a requirement on how we are supposed to utilize the $5,000 reward?
No requirements nor obligations on how to utilize award.
What is the payment process?
IEL will follow up with the prize winners each week, request to review and sign an award letter, and depending on the preference you indicated on the registration form for ACH or check request that will determine timeline. ACH request give it 24-48 hours from receiving payment was processed email notification. Check process will be within 30 days of properly completed paperwork.

General Questions

Who can we reach out to if we have any questions about the weekly Challenge?
Any additional questions, please reach out to us at
Who can we reach out to if we have specific questions about how to navigate the Participate platform?
Any additional questions, please reach out to us at
Who can we reach out to if we have specific questions related to understanding the metrics?
Any additional questions, please reach out to us at