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A Mentor and Mentee Reaching New Heights – ILRC

A Mentor and Mentee Reaching New Heights – ILRC

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Before coming to the Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program (RAMP), Devion was non-verbal and very shy, but he was also very smart and excited to learn all subjects offered at his school. Devion learned about RAMP through his teacher at his High School who thought RAMP’s ability to provide Devion with a mentor and receive specific resources would help him reach his career and education goals as well as come out of his shell.

Upon joining the program, Devion sat down with a RAMP Coordinator and filled out a Mentee Interest Survey in order to be matched with a mentor with similar goals and interests. This led Devion to his mentor, William. Devion and William have made it a monthly tradition to go indoor rock climbing. When they first visited the rock wall they went with a group of RAMP mentees and mentors. Everyone noticed that Devion had a special skill for the rock wall. William has made an effort to challenge Devion by giving him a new rock path to conquer each time they visit. In addition to this, Devion participates in weekly workshops through RAMP. William is often in attendance at these workshops to support his educational achievement.

Becoming a mentor means becoming an automatic role model for some students, both academically and socially. Since becoming his mentor, William has noticed Devion repeating some of his actions. For example, when William stands up straight his mentee Devion does the same, or Devion will shake someone’s hand when William shakes their hand. William says that this made him more aware of his actions, but also proud he is making such a positive mark on Devions’ life. Before RAMP, Devion only participated in school activities, but now he has William in his life to help discover new interests. In the coming year, the two plan on experimenting with kite flying and gardening in addition to academic and career activities that will help Devion toward his goal of becoming a doctor one day.