Changing An Outlook Through Career Exploration

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Jasmine joined RAMP in Baltimore at a time that she was working through a lot of anger management related barriers. She generally had a very negative outlook on life because she felt that her disability would always hold her back. Jasmine believed that people didn’t like or care much for her outside of her immediate family and was afraid to try new things.  Joining RAMP and being around peers and mentors that genuinely care about her wellbeing really helped to turn her outlook around.

Jasmine improved her grades by attending a coaching class that provides specialized tutoring. Another huge step for her came when she participated in two seasons of Baltimore Youth Film and Arts weekend fellowships. BYFA offers Baltimore City residents ages 16 to 29 the opportunity to learn camera skills, refine storytelling techniques, and create films and photographs to be shared at public screenings and exhibits, and on the program website.  Participants are paid stipends for their contributions and receive certificates for successful completion. Jasmine was able to gain valuable experience in working with people, and the program was a huge boost to her resume and interviewing skills.

As a result, Jasmine received a paid internship with Start On Success, an organization that helps place youth with disabilities in internships within fields of their choice. Jasmine is now interning in a hospital, which aligns perfectly with her career aspirations to become a nurse. In reflecting on her progress in the program, Jasmine said, “I’ve accomplished much more than I ever thought I could. I look forward to doing much more now that I knows it is possible for me to do great things…even if I’m scared.” 

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