“Sasha”: Learning about Psychology in Lansing

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Sasha came to Peckham Inc. in Lansing, Michigan back in June of 2017. She first heard about Right Turn through her juvenile court officer at Ingham Academy–a local court-run school. At the time, she was struggling with habits of lying, poor conduct in school, substance abuse, and manipulation.

Right Turn provided Sasha with a network of social support that helped her to leave these destructive behaviors in the past. One of the first steps that program staff took was to get Sasha matched with a mentor. They stay in contact regularly and spend time together at least once per month. Sasha has also connected with her peers in the program, where she feels a sense of belonging. For example, she attends the program’s Girl’s Group events which offer a space of leadership and empowerment for the young women of Right Turn.

Shortly after enrolling in the program, Sasha graduated from Ingham Academy and received her high school diploma. During this time she looked to Right Turn staff to guide her in becoming a more independent adult. Her case manager helped her to get her driver’s license and purchase a vehicle. As a result, Sasha maintained full-time employment at Subway, and steered clear of any adult criminal charges.

Throughout this process, Sasha also took critical steps to find a career path that would lead her into a stable and successful adulthood. Using the Individualized Career Development Plan’s (ICDP) career exploration phase, she identified child psychology as a favorable career focus. Sasha then took the initiative to contact a psychologist she’d worked with as part of her probation terms to see if she would be willing to sit down and answer questions about her education and job experience. The doctor was honored that she reached out and even connected her with people in the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) so Sasha could hear about their jobs as well.

These conversations solidified her interest in the field. Her case manager connected her to the Lansing Community College (LCC) admissions process and she plans to enroll and study developmental psychology within the coming year.

Sasha recently put in her two-week notice at Subway. She was ecstatic to be offered a full-time job at the MediLodge of Okemos. It provides benefits, a pay increase, and–best of all–it aligns with her career focus. Right Turn Peckham’s staff is very impressed with Sasha’s initiative and leadership skills. They’re excited to see what she accomplishes as she takes the next step toward her education and career goals.

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