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Playa Vista Job Opportunities and Business Service (PVJOBS) was founded in 1998 to fulfill a mandate by the Los Angeles City Council to provide construction job training opportunities for the residents of Los Angeles who face significant barriers to employment. Since its inception, PVJOBS’ leadership and staff have been active participants in the coordination of local and disadvantaged hiring goals guided by Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). PVJOBS is a non-profit whose mission is to place at-risk youth, adults and veterans in career-track employment.

PVJOBS has a 20 year history preparing, training and placing youth and adult participants in career track employment. Since 1998, PVJOBS has provided employment opportunities primarily in skilled trade jobs to residents of Los Angeles, including ex-offenders.  They coordinate actions and services of a 130 agency social service collaborative serving 12,000 active participants. These participants, including over two thousand youth ex-offenders and 1200 older youth paid interns, are currently receiving the full range of government-funded social services from the PVJOBS Coalition. The Coalition includes 20 providers of WIOA Adult Services, WIOA Older Youth services and WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) Youth Services, as well as providers of substance abuse treatment, physical and mental health services, and other critical services (i.e. child care, child support enforcement assistance, and transportation). The Coalition also provides transitional and permanent housing assistance with support of Federal, State, and county housing agencies.

PVJOBS has operated highly successful High Poverty/High Crime youthful offender re-entry DOLETA programs since 2011, serving over 550 youth between the ages of 14-25. The Positive Pathways Program (P3) and The Right Turn Program were funded by the Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration.

To learn more about PVJOBs’ programming, click here to visit their website.

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