Goal Setting and Building Up Confidence in Houston: ESGH

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Nina was referred to the RAMP program in Houston by the special education director at her school. She always had good behavior in school and got along well with her teachers, but she was having issues with her grades. As a result, she is required to attend summer school for reading. Nina is very dedicated to her future and career goals but her learning disability was making it tough. Her goal is to become a police officer or work in the FBI, and more generally in her words, “helping people”. 

Nina is especially attentive in RAMP because she is determined to bring her grades up. She focuses a lot on days when goal setting is discussed in depth. She is very interested in setting academic goals and achieving them. She does not attend RAMP if she has a test coming up in a class because she devotes all her time to studying the information that she will need to know. RAMP has provided her access to a mentor that tutors her, and also the opportunity more career exploration that gives her academic studies a real life context.

Nina was selected to attend the Teen and Police Service Academy last summer. Having a shy personality, she was nervous to attend and wasn’t sure what to expect from the class and the interactions she would be having. After her first day, she was smiling ear to ear and she told her RAMP Coordinator everything that she’d learned that day. At the end of the week long class, she said that she was feeling confident and wasn’t afraid of talking in front of people anymore. This has since allowed her to ask questions in class and not feel intimidated by speaking in front of people. Because she isn’t nervous about speaking in front of people and can now ask questions and get involved, her grades have been improving because she feels like she can get more out of her classes.

When asked about her feelings on the program, Nina said: “I think RAMP is my favorite class. We have fun and I have learned so much from all of the people in it”.

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