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Facilitating Meaningful Conversations

Facilitating Meaningful Conversations


·         Introduction

·         Meaningful Conversation Intro

·         Discourse I and II

Level I

·         History of Name (Nommo) Protocol

·         Emulation Poems

o    I AM FROM poem

o    This is not a small voice

o    Ubuntu

·         Journey Lines

·         Identity Circles

·         Paseo Protocol

·         Community Mapping and Dialogue Protocols

Level 2

·         Racial and Social Class Autobiographies

·         Digital Storytelling

·         Courageous Conversations Compass

·         Unpacking Equity Traps and Equity Scenario Cards Activity

·         Unpacking stereotype threat

·         Creating Opportunity to Learn:  Pedagogy

·         Equity Inventories: Self, School and District

·         Observing Classrooms for Equity

·         Continuum of Beliefs and Practices: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

·         Equity-based consultancies

·         Five Whys adapted for conversations of race and equity

·         Engagement and Asset Based pedagogy

Level 3

·         Alliances

·         White Privilege and Color Line Exercises (McIntosh and others)

·         Class Line (Kivel)

·         Affinity Groups

·         Courageous/Critical Conversations 2

·         Kiva Protocol

Unpacking Whistling Vivaldi