RAMP Success Story: DeCorylls Pierson

DeCorylls Pierson shows many interests and has yet to decide on just one. He is interested in YouTube and working online, potentially in producing. DeCorylls was a quiet student who would not participate much in classes. A teacher suggested that he participate in RAMP and in a summer internship. At first, he did not want to do RAMP as he thought it was punishment. After a while, DeCorylls began to speak in class and answer some questions. He would even get involved in the conversation and offer examples from his own life. He showed interest in doing a CVS internship and discussed the requirements with his mentor and how important it is for him to take it very seriously. He promised he would be able to do it well. They also discussed soft skills such as punctuality and how to provide customer service. He did an internship in the summer of 2022 and did very well. He enjoyed it and learned a lot. His successful summer internship showed that he learned soft skills, professionalism, and the ability to advocate for himself and make sure he had whatever he needed to perform his job to the best of his ability. DeCorylls told the RAMP coordinator: “I thank RAMP for everything. I liked working at CVS and learning about how to be a good employee. I also liked learning about jobs and colleges.” 

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