Cap N Games Partnership

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Cap N Games is a retro video game store and warehouse in Reno, Nevada. It is a wildly popular spot with local teens and young adults, so The Children’s Cabinet recruited the store to participate in Right Turn’s youth work experience program. Youth who are interested have to interview for a subsidized employment position and are given the opportunity to earn valuable, paid work experience that will begin the development of their resume.

The Children’s Cabinet has developed a range of successful work experience programs that are in high-demand with the youth that they serve. They build partnerships with local businesses who are wanting to give back to the community by coaching and training local youth and helping guide them in their career goals. In turn, youth earn wages while building up their skills in the workplace that will lead them to higher paying and more long-term employment opportunities. With the support of the Children’s Cabinet staff, employers and youth are able to work through any communication or workplace etiquette issues as they come up to maintain the youth’s employment at the worksite.
Program Director Rosana Hill-Thomas commented: “Cap N Games has fantastic staff who are patient and understanding with all Right Turn youth. They encourage them to set long-term education and career goals. They see potential in our youth and give them the chance they may not have had otherwise”. 

The owner of the store is so committed to the Right Turn model that he even helps to recruit youth for the program. As a social hub for many youth in the Reno area, Cap N Games regularly hosts young people that are eligible to participate in the program. Right Turn Reno has received over a dozen referrals from the store, which makes this partnership uniquely effective!


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