Site Visit Information – 2017 Family and Community Engagement Conference

Madison Park Academy Transitional Kindergarten – 12 – Oakland, CA

Hosted by Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network (PLAN). Families Lead in School Site Improvement. Site visit to Madison Park Academy Transitional Kindergarten – 12 school in the Oakland Unified School District. Discover best practices of how organized parents at two elementary school sites James Madison Academy & REACH Academy are leaders in transforming the school environment and instructional delivery to increase student achievement.
Visiting individuals and teams will explore best practices, lessons learned & and tools that parent leaders, instructional staff, administrators and a community partner used to: Create  volunteer system that is essential for meaningful  family engagement, Plan Dual-Capacity professional development that promotes  student achievement, Design campaigns to identify school site strengths and areas for  improvements, and Facilitate cultural exchanges that help deepen relationships among families and staff. This interactive session allows space for participants to share experiences that help strengthen family – school partnerships.

Cherryland Elementary School Hayward, CA

Visitors to Cherryland community school can expect a holistic presentation on the organization of culturally and linguistically responsive community school structures, community engagement, COST, RTI, and school climate (PBIS and RJ). Although school is out for the summer we will tour our school based mental health clinicians spaces and our parent center which are at the center of our model. We will share lessons learned on creating data driven structures to focus school climate and community engagement and share the data and how we have responded to it in more deeply integrating partnerships in our school community to ensure that our students and families can successfully process trauma and overcome barriers to educational opportunity. Lastly we will focus on healing practices for parents, students and teachers so that our communities can be resilient when faced with the stress that is often part and parcel of educating students in urban environments. 

Edendale Middle School San Lorenzo, CA

In the Ashland Area of San Lorenzo, California, Edendale Middle School is one of the three middle schools serving students and families in the San Lorenzo Unified School District. It is a school with a high percentage of students learning English as their second language.  Edendale is currently the only middle school in the San Lorenzo School District offering an English Language Development program to “newcomer” students. Being a school with a high number of Spanish speaking students, it is necessary the school have a bilingual School Community Liaison on site to bridge communication between staff, students, and parents. Coffee Club parent group was formed, meeting twice a month to give parents the opportunity to greatly benefit Edendale Middle School through parent involvement. In these meeting we address concerns and discuss solutions, obtain important information about community resources, organize and take part in school activities, attend parent development programs such as PIQE (Parent Institute for Quality Education), collaborate with the Alameda Sheriff’s Department in Safe Passages, and many more activities. A successful school depends greatly on an active parent involvement. 

Coliseum College Prep Academy Oakland, CA

Coliseum College Prep Academy, commonly referred to as “CCPA”, is a small public secondary school composed of a seven-year combination middle and high school located on the Havenscourt campus in East Oakland.  CCPA is one of our small community schools in OUSD, where school transformation efforts were led by parents. CCPA is a school where our leadership, staff, students, parents, and community are united in their firm belief that parents are essential partners and important drivers in students’ engagement in school and performance.  This visit will include a tour of the school based health clinic, the surrounding campus community, and the Family and College Resource Center.  Visitors will hear the CCPA transformation story, and learn about our successes and challenges in developing the mindset, community school and family engagement structures, as well as the leadership and culture/climate practices that continue to make CCPA a safe haven where students graduate prepared for the challenges of college, career, and life.

Dover Elementary San Pablo, CA

Argonne Early Education School – San Francisco, CA

Argonne Early Education School, a gem in the Richmond district in San Francisco, has three Inclusion Preschool classrooms, one Transitional Kindergarten classroom, and one Out-of-School Time Program which is an after-school program for our Transitional Kindergarten students. Argonne Early Education School is one of thirty-five schools serving preschoolers in San Francisco Unified School District. During your visit, you will tour the school, participate in a presentation to learn more about Argonne and some ways that our families are involved and engaged at the school, and we will end with you having a peek at the neighborhood garden, Argonne Community Garden. We will share how family engagement looked in the past, this current year, and our action plan for the upcoming school year as we continue to evolve and grow as a community. Regardless of our journey, Argonne Early Education School has always been a school full of committed and passionate staff and families. Join us to learn how we seek to improve on our challenges and celebrate our victories.

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