IEL and Coalition for Community Schools Statement on The Biden-Harris Administration’s $74 Million Expansion of Full-Service Community Schools

November 30, 2023
For Immediate Release

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Mia Perry

The Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL)made the following statement following The U.S. Department of Education announcement of $74 million in Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS) grants this week:

Eddie Koen, President of IEL, expressed, “We applaud the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to expanding Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS) across the nation, as demonstrated by the announcement of nearly $74 million in new grants, and thank the Department of Education for continuing to prioritize funding for this evidence-based strategy. I am proud of IEL’s Coalition for Community Schools team for its hard work in preparing and supporting this year’s record number of applicants.”

José Muñoz Director, Coalition for Community Schools, an initiative of IEL, added:

“The Coalition for Community Schools, including our hundreds of national, state, and local partners, celebrate this announcement. The investment in 30 additional local educational agencies and community based organizations, spanning 18 states plus the District of Columbia  four of which are new states—Idaho, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Ohio—is a significant step toward realizing the vision of schools as thriving hubs that unite communities.

Community Schools serve as the cornerstone for creating inclusive and flourishing communities where everyone belongs, works together, and thrives. This funding not only supports evidence-based strategies for promoting equity and educational excellence but also strengthens families and communities. 

Community Schools are innovative learning environments that provide students with the necessary support systems to thrive in their academic journey and beyond. By teaming up with families and communities, these schools focus on improving the efficiency of both academic and non-academic resources, ultimately accelerating positive student outcomes. The approach is not only effective but also a proven strategy for enhancing education while using locally informed methods to help every student reach their full potential.

We commend Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona for championing this cause and recognize the administration’s dedication to fostering education excellence and community well-being. This expansion of Full-Service Community Schools aligns with our shared vision of schools as centers for creating communities where everyone can thrive.”

The Department of Education also acknowledged the Coalition for its continued support of organizations applying to the grant earlier this year. In addition to hosting a “Ready, Set, Apply! FSCS Webinar Series designed to prepare and support the nearly 400 applicants attending across 46 states, Coalition staff provided technical assistance and coaching to those seeking additional help during the application process.

Shown above: Western Regional Deputy Director for the Coalition for Community Schools Christa Rowland (in red) joins other Community School partners in Boise, Idaho during Secretary Cardona’s visit and announcement of the FSCS Grant awards this Tuesday.


About The Institute for Educational Leadership and The Coalition for Community Schools

The Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) provides national expertise in community-driven leadership development in the intersecting areas of education, employment, and health. The common thread in our work is supporting community and institutional leaders as they build systems around racial, disability inclusion, and economic equity goals. Since 1964, our journey and experiences have resulted in approaches, tools, and practices that reflect the needs of leaders no matter where they sit in communities. The authentic relationships that we build in the process continuously shape the way we engage community leaders, do our work, and provide the foundation for deeper impact as we address systemic challenges in the 400-plus communities that trust us as partners. 

IEL is the home of the Coalition for Community Schools, acting as the intermediary between the Coalition’s national intermediaries and place-based networks.

The Coalition for Community Schools is represented by leaders of all ages, stages and contexts from youth to grandparents; from educators to elected officials; from families to institutions; from health & human services to out of school time; from government agencies to grassroots organizations, and from rural to urban. Together, we work to grow excellent and sustainable Community Schools. The Coalition staff are available to become extended members of your team to support building a sustainable system of community schools that consistently builds on community strengths, invests in trusting relationships, and intentionally implements continuous improvement. Reach out for support at

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