MacKenzie Scott Donates $6 Million to Institute for Educational Leadership

MacKenzie Scott Donates $6 Million to Institute for Educational Leadership

Largest Gift in IEL’s History Part of $3 Billion Given by Philanthropist to 465 Nonprofits 

(Washington, D.C., March 24) The Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) is thrilled to announce that it has been gifted $6 million in unrestricted funds by Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, part of a larger gift totaling $3 billion across 465 nonprofits working towards a variety of causes for greater good and social justice.

IEL will use these funds to build capacity and operations to continue its 58-year history of working to increase equity through our disability inclusion and advocacy work, community schools strategy, and leadership development. These funds will help allow the organization to further expand collaboration with communities, including youth with disabilities, immigrant and refugee youth, families, and more, as well as help respond to ongoing issues of racial justice, COVID-19 relief, and systemic inequities.

In her latest Medium post, MacKenzie Scott indicated that her giving is aimed at supporting the needs of underrepresented people from groups of all kinds. She states, “The cause of equity has no sides. Nor can it have a single solution.” 

MacKenzie’s statement aligns fully with IEL’s mission and values, and her donation comes after IEL shared how they are helping change lives in communities across the country via their work in schools, school districts, community groups, and organizations we partner with. IEL also helps support leaders—from Capitol Hill to Pre-K classrooms, and from principals to grandparents, which this donation affirms is critical for holistic community care.

“As the largest private donation in our organization’s history, IEL is truly honored to receive this generous gift. This funding will not only act as a catalyst for expanding our regional and national approach in supporting communities but will also allow IEL to better equip leaders as they build systems that promote racial, disability inclusion, and economic equity,” said IEL President Eddie Koen.

In response to the gift, IEL Board Chair Karen Mapp also added that “this funding creates a pivotal opportunity to increase IEL’s overall impact. As president of the Board of Directors, we thank MacKenzie Scott for her commitment to advancing equity by funding organizations doing important, on-the-ground collaborative work with the communities who need it most. This donation is a true testament to the collective work of all those involved in the work of IEL.”

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