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2024 National Community Schools and Family Engagement Conference (CSxFE)

The 2024 Community Schools and Family Engagement Conference will be in Atlanta, Georgia, May 29-31!

The Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) is proud to host the 2024 National Community Schools and Family Engagement Conference in Atlanta! This national conference brings together people from across the country who believe all children deserve a safe place to live and opportunities to learn and thrive. Inspired by our theme: Level Up for Success!, the conference is designed to catalyze collaboration, action, and a renewed commitment to transforming our practices, partnerships, and systems.  

At this conference, over 5,000 participants will engage in an abundance of learning and networking opportunities designed to increase their knowledge of family engagement, community schools and other whole-child strategies.  Attendees will sharpen their skillsets to lead collaboratively, implement effective strategies, strengthen family-school-community partnerships, and co-create a new normal that eliminates inequities of access and opportunity. Regardless of your role in the eco-system (parent and youth leaders; school and district leaders; community organizers and union activists; elected officials; Community School coordinators and initiative leaders; education, justice and health system professionals; early childhood educators; university partners; disability advocates; researchers; and more), this conference is for you. Let’s all Level Up for Success!

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