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Community-driven, equity-focused leadership, education, and workforce transformation.

Peckham, Inc.

Peckham, Inc.

Peckham Inc.
Lansing, MI
3510 Capital City Blvd., Lansing, MI 48906

Peckham, Inc., a nonprofit vocational rehabilitation organization, provides job training opportunities
for persons with significant disabilities and other barriers to employment. Peckham provides people
with physical, cognitive, behavioral and socio-economic challenges, a platform to demonstrate their
ability, learn new skills, participate in work and enjoy the rewards of their success. Peckham provides
opportunities so clients can experience meaningful employment growth.

Named #11 on Fortune Magazine's Great Place to Work list, Peckham is a national award-winning
organization, recognized for its achievement in providing exceptional vocational rehabilitation,
creating inclusive cultures and building a quality workplace for employees.

Primary Contact: Blaire Phillips
Phone: 517-316-4141

Data Contact: Blaire Phillips
Phone: 517-316-4141

Alternate Contact: Sarah Britton
Phone: 517-316-4428

Financial Contact: Linda Glasovatz
Phone: 517-316-4261