Francine Francis

Francine joined IEL staff August 2016, as the Right Turn program manager. She is responsible for providing technical assistance to sites across the country to help implement IEL’s Right Turn Career-Focused Transition Initiative, a national model for youth involved in or at-risk of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system. She is responsibile for day-to-day program implementation of the program, completing reports, facilitating monthly calls, and planning annual meetings and trainings.

Prior to joining IEL, Francine was a Right Turn youth specialist with Peckham, Inc. in Lansing, Mich. for two years. She has experience in both the Right Turn grants with the implementation and planning as a sub-grantee at Peckham. As a youth specialist, she also fulfilled responsibilities of the organization’s Right Turn mentor specialist. She provided case management, supportive services, mentor matches, and established community partnerships. She also worked in a transitional living program (TLP) as a case manager for homeless youth in Lansing. She advocated in the school district, developed individualized plans, facilitating therapeutic group sessions, and managed the TLP residency. Francine also has experience working for as a Workforce Investment Act case manager, providing employment services for at-risk youth ages 14 to 21. Francine volunteered as a mentor for over five years in the Lansing community. As a mentor, she supported her mentee’s goals through developing and sustaining ongoing relationships and participating in one-on-one and group activities with mentees. She served as a positive role model through several mentorships that continue to exist today.

Francine earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in child development and youth studies from Central Michigan University. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Administration: Leadership Studies degree at Central Michigan University.