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Community-driven, equity-focused leadership, education, and workforce transformation.



  • Headshot: Stephanie Apollon

    Stephanie Apollon

    Grants and Finance Associate

    Has a passion for social justice and advocacy, loves Boston, and has an interest in writing. Enjoys watching cooking shows, trying new foods, and exploring new places.

  • Headshot: Maame Appiah

    Maame Appiah

    Vice President for Finance and Talent

    Passionate about education and engaging youth. Committed to talent development and employee engagement . Equally passionate and committed to the MSU Spartans!

  • Headshot: Alicia Bolton

    Alicia Bolton

    Director, Adult Career Pathway Design Challenge

    Passionate about community empowerment through education and skill building. Busy and loving mom in need of a good nap. Always on the lookout for the best gluten free recipes.

  • Headshot: Jordan Bynoe

    Jordan Bynoe

    Finance and Human Resources Associate

    New Englander passionate about educational equity.

  • Headshot: Eric Cline

    Eric Cline

    Digital Communications & Technology Coordinator

    Colorado-raised, Iowa-educated queer nerd & D.C. resident into equity of opportunity, economy of line, and form following function. He/Him

  • Headshot: Joline Collins

    Joline Collins

    Program Associate

    Proud Wisconsinite and Pinterest enthusiast party planner dedicated to connecting youth and families to the resources they need to thrive.

  • Headshot: Michelle Cravez

    Michelle Cravez

    Program Associate

    Proud Florida Gator, Oreo enthusiast, & music lover. Civil rights advocate and believer in the power of education and community engagement.

  • Headshot - Carmen Drummond

    Carmen Drummond

    Vice President, Communications, Marketing, and Policy

    California bred by way of the south. Committed to cross sector leadership and collaboration to achieve positive change.

  • Headshot: Carly Fahey

    Carly Fahey

    Program Associate

    Floridian. Passionate about policy, intersectionality, & youth inclusion. Dreams of owning a corgi. Always smiling, eternally sassy.

  • Headshot: Francine Francis

    Francine Francis

    Program Manager, Right Turn

    Dedicated to providing resources to disconnected youth to bridge gaps in services; passionate about preparing youth for college, careers, & leadership.

  • Headshot: Jessica Fuentes-Diaz

    Jessica Fuentes-Diaz

    Program Associate

    Best apple pie baker, child advocate volunteer, and animal lover.

  • Headshot: Patricia D. Gill

    Patricia D. Gill

    Senior Program Associate

    Cheerleader for career-focused mentoring, professional development for youth service providers, juvenile justice reform, & all things youth-powered!

  • Headshot: Karin Grandon

    Karin Grandon

    Technical Assistance Liaison, Y-TAC


  • Headshot: Elizabeth L. Hale

    Elizabeth L. Hale

    Senior Fellow

    IEL president emeritus with a passion for leadership development; bridging research, practice, and policy; and mentoring women and minority leaders.

  • Headshot: Tauheedah Jackson

    Tauheedah Jackson

    Deputy Director, Coalition for Community Schools


  • Headshot: Whitney Johnson

    Whitney Johnson

    Program Associate

    Passionate about social justice, multiculturalism, and community development. D.C. explorer/aspiring hip hop dancer.

  • Headshot: Leilah Mooney Joseph

    Leilah Mooney Joseph

    Director of Communications

    Cincinnati native & D.C. enthusiast. On a mission to win social, economic & educational justice for all—and to laugh, dance & eat well along the way.

  • Headshot: Sylvie Krause

    Sylvie Krause

    Program Associate

    Advocate of creating opportunities for youth with disabilities by day; Connoisseur of food & house plants by night. Happy place is a cozy chair with hot coffee & a book on social equity.

  • Headshot: Mindy Larson

    Mindy Larson

    Deputy Director, Center for Workforce Development

    New mom with background in youth workforce & juvenile justice policy, practice, & research now managing IEL's youth & disability TA center.

  • Pele Le

    Events and Operations Program Associate

    Rooted in love and justice, Pele (he/him/his) is a second-generation Vietnamese American driven to create impact by bridging communities, building advocates & centering marginalized communities.

  • Headshot: Dr. Helen Janc Malone

    Dr. Helen Janc Malone

    Vice President for Research and Innovation

    Helping IEL grow as premier voice on cross-boundary leadership and strengthen the national Education Policy Fellowship Program.

  • Headshot: Gabriela Manriquez

    Gaby Manriquez

    Program Associate

    Passionate about social justice and intersectionality. Halloween, popcorn, and history enthusiast.

  • Headshot: Jennifer Masutani

    Jennifer Masutani

    Program Associate

    An American University grad from Hawaii with a passion for education.

  • Headshot: Natalie Mayanja

    Natalie Mayanja

    Program Associate

    Oklahoma native turned family & community engagement superstar. Meeting planner extraordinaire. Purveyor of positivity. Favorite ninja turtle: Leonardo.

  • Headshot: José Muñoz

    José Muñoz

    Vice President for Equity and Impact

    Mr. Community Schools! Passionate about putting faith into action, family, & developing/mobilizing community leaders.

  • Headshot: Rita Musello-Kelliher

    Rita Musello-Kelliher

    Program Associate

    Bostonian, born and raised. Loves to be outdoors and/or chat about intersectionality. Proud fighter for equity in education, work, and opportunity. She/hers

  • Headshot: Wendy Quarles

    Wendy Quarles

    Project Director, VR Y-TAC


  • Headshot: Jessica Queener

    Jessica Queener, Ed.D.

    Senior Program Associate

    Proud Tennessean—Go VOLS! Disability Rights Advocate, Political Junkie, & SEC Football Fan. Dedicated to serving youth & young adults with disabilities transitioning from high school to adult life.

  • Headshot: Mary Kingston Roche

    Mary Kingston Roche

    Director of Policy

    Passionate advocate for youth, youth voice, and community schools. In policy and in life, it’s all about partnerships and relationships.

  • Headshot: Kathy Rodriguez

    Kathy Rodriguez

    Finance Manager

    Fitness enthusiast with focus on diversity in education.

  • Headshot: Kwesi Rollins

    S. Kwesi Rollins

    Vice President for Leadership and Engagement

    Howard U grad committed to developing and supporting leaders and systems that better serve our most vulnerable children, youth, and families.

  • Headshot: Dahlia Shaewitz

    Dahlia Shaewitz

    Vice President, Transition, Disability & Employment

    Excited to work with powerful people with disabilities who create their own futures. Loves writing poetry, reading literature & traveling to a new country every year.

  • Headshot: Sabrina Sheikh

    Sabrina Sheikh

    Executive Assistant

    True change is possible through cross sectors collaboration, achieve this and you are looking at a better tomorrow.

  • Headshot: Ken Simon

    Ken Simon

    Senior Associate, Project i4

    Throughout his career in education, his passion & focus has been on ensuring that all students have access to deeper & more meaningful learning experiences.

  • Headshot: Lynda Tredway

    Lynda Tredway

    Senior Associate

    Activist, teacher,  coach, mother, and organizer who is joyful even though she is fully aware of current education reform arena.

  • Headshot: Michael D. Usdan

    Michael D. Usdan

    Senior Fellow

    IEL president emeritus focused on urban education, government and education, and relationships between elementary-secondary and higher education.

  • Headshot: Johan Uvin

    Dr. Johan E. Uvin


    Collaborative leader with strong background in education & workforce development. Passionate about opportunity youth, serving adults in families, & elevating issues to support communities.

  • Headshot: Ebony M. Watson

    Ebony M. Watson

    Program Coordinator, Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program

    Georgia peach now Baltimore resident; juvenile probation officer turned mentoring advocate. Striving hard to make a difference in the lives of youth.