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Innovative Program Practices

These are exciting new strategies and partnerships that sites are using to achieve the Right Turn program goals.

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Right Turn Innovative Program Practices

Right Turn Innovative Program Practices

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Legal Aid Partnership in Chicago: Juvenile Record Expungement

Through a collaboration with Lawrence Hall Youth Services, Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA) is serving Right Turn program participants seeking juvenile expungement. Through this collaboration, CGLA has researched and summarized the juvenile and criminal records of each program participant. As a result, 78 (and counting!) eligible juvenile records have been expunged.

Juvenile Justice Partnership: A Desk at Adolescent Diversion Parts of Syracuse Court

Onondaga Community College has made the Adolescent Diversion Parts one of the strongest referral pipelines for the Right Turn program in Syracuse. Due to a strong relationship between program staff, the ADP Supervisor, and the ADP Court Judge, Right Turn became their leading diversion program for youth.

Employment Partnership in Reno: Cap N Games 

The Children's Cabinet is deliberate about partnering with employers that appeal to their youth's interest. Enter Cap N Games: A popular local video game store! This partnership has not only been great on-the-job experience for current participants, but has been a fantastic resource for recruiting new participants as well.

Talent Tours! Lansing Takes an Innovative Approach to Career Exploration

Peckham Inc's monthly Talent Tours provide Right Turn youth with an in-depth look at enitre industries, investigating educational requirements, varying job opportunities, on-site operations, and more!