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Success Stories

Success Stories

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Jackson is interested in automotive and collision repair. He has many friends and family involved in gangs and the juvenile justice system. He was also chronically absent from school and was in danger of not graduating due to low attendance and low motivation.
Jackson was referred to RAMP by his counselor and has been a participant since August 2018. His attendance was initially spotty however after a few months it improved dramatically, and he became more open with his coordinators and mentor. Jackson now attends every session and was chosen to attend the RAMP Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

Jackson is now on track to graduate and has become invested in his future. His mentor has assisted him with creating a resume, applying to auto shops, and studying to pass his Drivers Ed test. Jackson is now the first one to raise his hand to ask questions and is highly engaged with RAMP activities. RAMP staff and teachers have witnessed him move on from a negative mindset and become a motivated and mature young man. They are incredibly proud of him.


Nathan dreams of becoming a bus driver for the Regional Transportation District (RTD) in Denver. RAMP is in contact with RTD to help NA with future employment. During Community Mapping activities in which students identify resources within their community, Nathan demonstrated leadership by helping his peers learn how to use the public transportation system. Additionally, Nathan has accomplished his short-term goal of learning to ride the RTD bus by himself.

When he began the program, Nathan struggled with behavioral issues. However, he has now accomplished his short-term goal of being polite towards adults and peers. Nathan loves being a part of RAMP and has established a close bond with his mentor. He now rides the bus to learn all the routes and knows many of the bus drivers on a first name basis. RAMP staff are very proud of Nathan and hope to see him employed at RTD in the future.


Will dreams of becoming an airplane mechanic. Before he was involved with RAMP, Will struggled with disciplinary issues, paying attention in class, and often fell asleep in class. Fortunately, Will was enrolled by his teacher whose class took part in RAMP.

Will never fell asleep during RAMP weekly sessions. He was highly engaged, often asking and answering questions. He was a great student determined to accomplish his goal of becoming an airplane mechanic. Will was given a six-week paid internship by ESGH at a local small airport working in the parts department. The airport staff were so impressed with him they invited him back for a second internship the following summer. Will has loved every minute of his internship and it has motivated him to enroll in college. He hopes to begin earning base credits necessary to become an airline mechanic. He also hopes to continue working for the airport once his internship ends.


David is a bright student whose biggest passion is herpetology. Prior to his involvement in RAMP, Dave struggled to focus in class. He was only ever interested in talking about reptiles. He would interrupt class to talk about his own pets at home and failed to follow instructions. Dave was generally well behaved but was rarely able to focus.

During Dave’s time in RAMP he attended several field trips to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Dave enthusiastically explained all the specimens and fossils to other students. They listened to him intently and Dave was easily able to answer all their questions. Dave also began to participate in classroom activities using skill he learned through RAMP.

Dave showed major improvement during his senior year of high school. His teachers were able to communicate with him effectively and successfully encourage him to participate. Dave is currently completing an internship with ESGH at a small museum. He is doing a great job working with tree frogs, assisting with groups, and working in the gift shop. He loves the real work experience and the independence he feels.

RAMP staff are especially proud of him for his professional conduct during the interview. He was confident, professional, and genuine. Dave has made amazing progress during his time in RAMP and staff are sure he will continue to succeed.


Nadine is a bright student who dreams of becoming a criminologist. Nadine was very dedicated to her future, but she was struggling in school due to her learning disability. She had low grades and had to attend summer school to improve her reading. Nadine was referred to RAMP by the special education teacher at her school.

Nadine wanted to improve her grades and was especially attentive during RAMP sessions. She was especially engaged during in depth goal setting discussions. She is very interested in setting goals for herself and accomplishing them. She also remained determined to improve her grades. When she has a test coming up Nadine will stay in class rather than attend RAMP. Her priority is to ensure she has all the information she needs.

Nadine was selected to attend the Teen and Police Service Academy last summer. She was a bit nervous to attend the class and wasn’t sure what to expect. However, after her first day she was smiling ear to ear and excitedly told RAMP staff everything she did in class. At end of the week-long class, she said she was no longer afraid of public speaking. Her new sense of confidence has allowed her to ask questions in class and be more involved in discussions. Her grades have improved because she feels she is learning more in her classes. Through RAMP Nadine has had access to career exploration opportunities and has received extra support in achieving her goals.