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In December 2016, RAMP completed its seventh year in 9 sites across the country. During the prior 6 years, over 2000 youth, of all races and backgrounds from rural, urban, and suburban communities, enrolled in the RAMP program with outcomes exceeding program participation, academic, and juvenile justice performance goals.  Some of these key outcomes include: 95% youth participation, 96% stayed in school, 96% non-offense rate, 94% completed the program, 75% improved school attendance, and 80% increased social support.

RAMP sites have collaborated with over 300 education, community, employer, and STEM partners.  Educational partners provide youth referrals and weekly meeting sites. Some school partners have even incorporated RAMP into the students’ Individualized Education Program (IEP). Community partners connect youth with additional resources necessary to transition into adulthood, including financial planning, transportation, temporary housing, and parenting classes. Employer partners provide guest speakers, technical skills training, worksite tours, work experiences, and job shadowing. STEM partners expose youth to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and assist youth in creating their high-tech projects.  Some of these projects include: textile design, solar-powered vehicles and radios, weather stations, robots, a working miniature ferris wheel, a hydraulic arm, hydroponic plants, video game development, and documentary video production.

RAMP site partners include: Walmart, Olive Garden, Baltimore Gas and Electric Co., State Employees Federal Credit Union, CompuCycle, Kennedy Space Center, Chroma Technology Corp (fluorescence filter manufacturer), Lansing Community College Aviation Center, Tractor Supply Company, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, University of Houston Architecture Department, Johns Hopkins University Hospital and Bank of America.