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About the RAMP Model

About the RAMP Model

RAMP is a career-focused program that uses a combination of group, peer, and individualized mentoring to help youth learn about job options, and how to set goals for themselves and identify concrete steps anchored in their daily lives to reach them.

Each RAMP program is grounded in the local job market and emphasizes high-demand, high-tech careers available close to home, including exciting fields such as aviation, theater technology, medical lens manufacturing, nursing, and web design. RAMP’s locally-based coalitions of employers, community service organizations, and volunteers offer participating youth a wide range of supports, including:

• Ongoing, career-focused mentoring
• Peer support
• Regular self-assessment and goal-setting
• Hands-on experience
• Workplace exposure and development of professional skills
• Emphasis on high-demand, high-tech STEM fields
• Support for students with disabilities

The diagram below identifies some key target populations and shows how RAMP is structured to cross boundaries and bridge the education, employment, and community service sectors. It also shows the key roles that RAMP plays in promoting family engagement, reaching young people, ensuring that youth have access to well-trained mentors through one-on-one support as well as group and peer mentoring, and in providing crucial follow-up.


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