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Georgia High School High Tech (HSHT)

Georgia High School High Tech (HSHT)

Georgia Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, Inc.
Georgia/Georgia High School High Tech (HSHT)
P.O. Box 1090, Fortson, GA 31808

The Georgia High School High Tech Program is a statewide in-school transition
program for students with disabilities. At this time, we have HSHT sites in 51 school systems and 90
high schools. Our primary focus is to ensure that the students graduate from high school and are
aware of post-secondary and employment opportunities after graduation. The RAMP project will be
implemented in 3 of our HSHT sites. Students with disabilities struggle after graduation from high
school as they do not have the support that is provided to them in high school and are not
comfortable advocating for themselves. The students in the RAMP project will receive individual and
peer mentoring as outlined in the program to assist them with identifying their abilities, getting
comfortable advocating for themselves, and developing a step by step plan to accomplish their goal
of post-secondary education or employment. These additional services will be valuable support
services for the HSHT students.

Primary Contact: Karen Royston
Phone: 706.202.4792

Alternate Contact: Carmen Cates
Phone: 847.668.2634

Financial Contact: Lilah Morgan
Phone: 706.575.2652