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Community-driven, equity-focused leadership, education, and workforce transformation.



  • Headshot: Stephanie Apollon

    Stephanie Apollon

    Grants and Finance Associate

    Has a passion for social justice and advocacy, loves Boston, and has an interest in writing. Enjoys watching cooking shows, trying new foods, and exploring new places.

  • Headshot: Maame Appiah

    Maame Appiah

    Vice President for Finance and Talent

    Passionate about education and engaging youth. Committed to talent development and employee engagement . Equally passionate and committed to the MSU Spartans!

  • Headshot: Alicia Bolton

    Alicia Bolton

    Director, Adult Career Pathway Design Challenge

    Passionate about community empowerment through education and skill building. Busy and loving mom in need of a good nap. Always on the lookout for the best gluten free recipes.

  • Headshot: Jordan Bynoe

    Jordan Bynoe

    Finance and Human Resources Associate

    New Englander passionate about educational equity.

  • Headshot: Eric Cline

    Eric Cline


    Colorado-raised, Iowa-educated queer nerd & D.C. resident into equity of opportunity, economy of line, and form following function. He/Him

  • Headshot: Joline Collins

    Joline Collins

    Program Associate

    Proud Wisconsinite and Pinterest enthusiast party planner dedicated to connecting youth and families to the resources they need to thrive.

  • Headshot: Michelle Cravez

    Michelle Cravez

    Program Associate

    Proud Florida Gator, Oreo enthusiast, & music lover. Civil rights advocate and believer in the power of education and community engagement.

  • Headshot - Carmen Drummond

    Carmen Drummond

    Vice President, Communications, Marketing, and Policy

    California bred by way of the south. Committed to cross sector leadership and collaboration to achieve positive change.

  • Headshot: Carly Fahey

    Carly Fahey

    Program Associate

    Floridian. Passionate about policy, intersectionality, & youth inclusion. Dreams of owning a corgi. Always smiling, eternally sassy.

  • Headshot: Francine Francis

    Francine Francis

    Program Manager, Right Turn

    Dedicated to providing resources to disconnected youth to bridge gaps in services; passionate about preparing youth for college, careers, & leadership.

  • Headshot: Jessica Fuentes-Diaz

    Jessica Fuentes-Diaz

    Program Associate

    Best apple pie baker, child advocate volunteer, and animal lover.

  • Headshot: Patricia D. Gill

    Patricia D. Gill

    Senior Program Associate

    Cheerleader for career-focused mentoring, professional development for youth service providers, juvenile justice reform, & all things youth-powered!

  • Headshot: Karin Grandon

    Karin Grandon

    Technical Assistance Liaison, Y-TAC


  • Headshot: Elizabeth L. Hale

    Elizabeth L. Hale

    Senior Fellow

    IEL president emeritus with a passion for leadership development; bridging research, practice, and policy; and mentoring women and minority leaders.

  • Headshot: Tauheedah Jackson

    Tauheedah Jackson

    Deputy Director, Coalition for Community Schools


  • Headshot: Whitney Johnson

    Whitney Johnson

    Program Associate

    Passionate about social justice, multiculturalism, and community development. D.C. explorer/aspiring hip hop dancer.

  • Headshot: Leilah Mooney Joseph

    Leilah Mooney Joseph

    Director of Communications

    Cincinnati native & D.C. enthusiast. On a mission to win social, economic & educational justice for all—and to laugh, dance & eat well along the way.

  • Headshot: Sylvie Krause

    Sylvie Krause

    Program Associate

    Advocate of creating opportunities for youth with disabilities by day; Connoisseur of food & house plants by night. Happy place is a cozy chair with hot coffee & a book on social equity.

  • Headshot: Mindy Larson

    Mindy Larson

    Deputy Director, Center for Workforce Development

    New mom with background in youth workforce & juvenile justice policy, practice, & research now managing IEL's youth & disability TA center.

  • Pele Le

    Events and Operations Program Associate

    Rooted in love and justice, Pele (he/him/his) is a second-generation Vietnamese American driven to create impact by bridging communities, building advocates & centering marginalized communities.

  • Headshot: Dr. Helen Janc Malone

    Dr. Helen Janc Malone

    Vice President for Research and Innovation

    Helping IEL grow as premier voice on cross-boundary leadership and strengthen the national Education Policy Fellowship Program.

  • Headshot: Jennifer Masutani

    Jennifer Masutani

    Program Associate

    An American University grad from Hawaii with a passion for education.

  • Headshot: Natalie Mayanja

    Natalie Mayanja

    Program Associate

    Oklahoma native turned family & community engagement superstar. Meeting planner extraordinaire. Purveyor of positivity. Favorite ninja turtle: Leonardo.

  • Headshot: José Muñoz

    José Muñoz

    Vice President for Equity and Impact

    Mr. Community Schools! Passionate about putting faith into action, family, & developing/mobilizing community leaders.

  • Headshot: Rita Musello-Kelliher

    Rita Musello-Kelliher

    Program Associate

    Bostonian, born and raised. Loves to be outdoors and/or chat about intersectionality. Feminist. Proud fighter for equity in education, work, and opportunity.

  • Headshot: Wendy Quarles

    Wendy Quarles

    Project Director, VR Y-TAC


  • Headshot: Jessica Queener

    Jessica Queener

    Senior Program Associate

    Proud Tennessean—Go VOLS! Disability Rights Advocate, Political Junkie, & SEC Football Fan. Dedicated to serving youth & young adults with disabilities transitioning from high school to adult life.

  • Headshot: Mary Kingston Roche

    Mary Kingston Roche

    Director of Policy, Coalition for Community Schools

    Passionate advocate for youth, youth voice, and community schools. In policy and in life, it’s all about partnerships and relationships.

  • Headshot: Kathy Rodriguez

    Kathy Rodriguez

    Finance Manager

    Fitness enthusiast with focus on diversity in education.

  • Headshot: Kwesi Rollins

    S. Kwesi Rollins

    Vice President for Leadership and Engagement

    Howard U grad committed to developing and supporting leaders and systems that better serve our most vulnerable children, youth, and families.

  • Headshot: Dahlia Shaewitz

    Dahlia Shaewitz

    Vice President, Transition, Disability & Employment

    Excited to work with powerful people with disabilities who create their own futures. Loves writing poetry, reading literature & traveling to a new country every year.

  • Headshot: Sabrina Sheikh

    Sabrina Sheikh

    Executive Assistant

    True change is possible through cross sectors collaboration, achieve this and you are looking at a better tomorrow.

  • Headshot: Jennifer Thomas

    Jennifer Thomas

    Manager, Youth Engagement and Leadership Projects

    Igniting youth voice and promoting youth choice to yield positive transition outcomes for youth.

  • Headshot: Lynda Tredway

    Lynda Tredway

    Senior Associate

    Activist, teacher,  coach, mother, and organizer who is joyful even though she is fully aware of current education reform arena.

  • Headshot: Michael D. Usdan

    Michael D. Usdan

    Senior Fellow

    IEL president emeritus focused on urban education, government and education, and relationships between elementary-secondary and higher education.

  • Headshot: Johan Uvin

    Johan Uvin


    Collaborative leader with strong background in education & workforce development. Passionate about opportunity youth, serving adults in families, & elevating issues to support communities.

  • Headshot: Ebony M. Watson

    Ebony M. Watson

    Program Coordinator, Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program

    Georgia peach now Baltimore resident; juvenile probation officer turned mentoring advocate. Striving hard to make a difference in the lives of youth.