Family and Community Engagement (FCE)

About FCE at IEL

For 50 years, IEL has worked with leaders to support the needs of young people and their families. IEL's portfolio of programs designed to develop and support leaders include various tools to promote family and community engagement, well-known amongst educators worldwide as a crucial support for student achievement. Major initiatives include: the District Leaders Network on Family and Community Engagement, PTchat and BAm!radio.

District Leaders Network

The District Leaders Network on Family and Community Engagement is a peer learning and action network designed to bring together FCE Leaders from school districts across the nation. IEL has developed and works regularly with a growing network of over 115 school district Family & Community Engagement (FCE) leaders. Visit our social networking site to join and connect with other members, learn more about upcoming events and find the latest research on early childhood, the achievement gap, and best practices in family and community engagement.

Parents & Teachers #PTchat - Wednesdays @ 9PM EST on Twitter

Parent Teacher Chat (#PTchat) is professional development conversation on Twitter that enables parents, family engagement practitioners, teachers and others to focus on some of today's most challenging issues for family and community engagement and develop innovative approaches to partnerships.

Reflections from Parent Teacher Chat (#PTchat) are made available through weekly 10 minute radio podcasts created in cooperation with BAm!radio Network.

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