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Civil Rights Bus Tour

The Civil Rights Bus Tour runs from Jackson, Mississippi to Birmingham, Alabama, led by a Civil Rights leader, Roscoe Jones Sr. The experience focuses on both places and stories that delve deep into the movement, lifting up the narratives that shaped the past and inform the present.

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Civil Rights Bus Tour

Civil Rights Bus Tour

The deep racial divides and tragedies facing communities across the country today echo the struggles for equity and social justice of the Civil Rights era. We invite you to join IEL, in partnership with The Freedom '64 Project, on the Civil Rights Bus Tour and take a journey through history, to reflect and engage in a meaningful dialogue about how to make a positive social change in our communities and organizations.

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January 21-24, 2018 Civil Rights Bus Tour

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Bus Tour Reflections

“Thank you for one of the most memorable trips of my career. ” - Latitia McCane

“...I made this trip at a time of rising anxiety among minorities and many whites about the increase in hate-related behavior following our recent presidential election. The question hanging over us: will we allow the past to repeat itself?" - John Merrow, President (retired), Learning Matters

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