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2017 District Leaders Learning Lab - Reno, NV

Learning Labs are designed to provide learning experiences for district FCE leaders through the exploration of local work, context and dialogue with local leaders and partners in one our member districts.

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2017 District Leaders Learning Lab

2017 District Leaders Learning Lab

The Institute for Educational Leadership’s Learning Labs are study tours hosted by a network member. They provide an opportunity for District Leaders to learn from peers who’ve successfully applied family and community engagement (FCE) strategies within their districts. Participants examine key structures and practices within a local context and connect with local partners, staff families and district leadership, sharing lessons learned and key challenges on the road to improving systemic family and community engagement.

Though each Learning Lab is slightly different, they all contain similiar elements. This includes:

  • Sharing expertise on a particular subject.
  • Alignment: The hosting district shares their internal structure and how FCE efforts are aligned and integrated within other areas of its work. 
  • Site Visits: Participants have the opportunity to visit local schools and partners to observe first hand how FCE programs are being implemented.

Highlights from 2017

The 2017 Learning Lab was hosted by Washoe County School District in Reno, Nevada on October 30 - November 1, 2017. With the support of former Education Week Leaders to Learn From Michele Brooks and D'Lisa Crain, Washoe Schools Superintedent Traci Davis, and Washoe County School District staff, participants learned how to collect data on FCE efforts as well as best practices for integration. Overall, it was a dynamic experience.